Monday, February 13, 2012

DAP slams unprecedented 6% fee for MRT partner

Recent project for MRT costs of at least RM1.08 billion, together with a 6 percent project delivery fee promised to Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC).

The PDP's duty encompasses that of a management consultant's role and in its armpit, it romps in other technical consultants such as civil and structural engineers, architects, traffic consultants, etc. As PDP, its main role is to ensure that funds allocated by the government is utilized in a transparent, open, fair and unbiased way in procurement and construction packages. As such, as the PDP, the setup should not be allowed in participating of construction works at all. Surely any inkling of professionalism or following codes of ethics will be flushed down the drain should the PDP be allowed to bid for the tunneling construction works - FellowMalaysian

Up2U - One scandal after another. It would seem that the current Government is preparing a very rich retirement plan or an insurance scheme just in case they lose in the next General Election. They seem to be plundering hundreds of millions and the next big step is to privatise 10 GLCs to Malay entrepreneurs which will be their cronies or nominees. So what if it is so obvious?

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