Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guan Eng on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation programme

DAP today labelled Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation programme to reverse Malaysia’s brain drain a failure, pointing at the departure of another high-powered corporate figure to neighbouring Singapore.


IamMsian-YB LGE, this is a known fact which does not need further elaboration. Why not Penang do something about this, appoiint Tan Sri to head Penang's SEDC or as an Advisor? ALL the PR state govt must Do away with political appointments will set a good example for the rest of the BN states.
11 minutes ago

blind freddo-I heard an interview on BFM this morning with the guy who heads up the program aimed at inducing ex pat Malaysians to return to work here. He was waffling on about tax incentives and the low cost of living and the excellent schooling and even the new MRT. What he failed to mention is the intangibles such as the level of racism and discrimination that exists, but more significantly I think it the atmosphere of fear and hatred that permeates every corner of life in Malaysia. Only a mad man would willingly subject his children to that . In comparison the low salaries and lack of opportunities for young people pale into insignificance
29 minutes ago

Onyourtoes-What talents are we talking about? It is so common to see bright and principled officers in the civil service who were side-lined in favour of nincompoops so that politicians can have a field day to do what they want to do. To rise up in the rank of GLCs and the civil service, you have to be stupid and a licker. If not, don't dream. Now we are talking; if they can’t even tolerate a bright Malay who has international reputation, you think they will care two hoots of non-Malay talents.
an hour ago

M'sia4All-Go to every city, town and even villages to ask whether the parents have sons or daughters working in Singapore. The answer is a big YES. Do you know why? The answer lies with the policy and means implemented by UMNO, big brother of BN but the others like MCA, MIC, and Gerakan did nothing, not a word of objection when favours upon favours are still bestowed upon the favoured race by the government. The better brains are not given opportunities and even by-pass continuosly which explains that more brainies will continue to leave for other countries.
an hour ago

Kgen-Malaysia drives away smart citizens and replace them with uneducated Indonesians, Banglas and Myanmars. What a topsy-turvy country.

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