Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chinese independent school

The demand for a Chinese independent school to be built in Segamat in Johor is different from that for one in Kuantan, Pahang, which has since been approved by the federal government, says MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

What people says about it:

Anonymous #19098644 CSL is the political slave of UMNO forever making excuses for MCA's inadequacies , impotence and immorality. They sold the community down the drain. They had a good man Lim Lian Geok the foremost Chinese educationist stripped of his teaching license and citizenship. This political prostitute of the Eunuch party is a disgrace to his community and ancestors.
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iVoice Sungai Mati is not in the district of Segamat, it is in Muar district now under Tangkak. 45 mins away is only with police outriders to escord and make it in time. Normal travel will take at least an hour with speed limit of 90km/hr max and some village and town areas at 50/60 speed linit. Yong Peng is in Batu Pahat district, Segamat district has no Chinese independent school. It is such a shame that CSL being a Johor resident, grooned, educated and work in Johor is unable to differentiate the localities. How can he be a wise leader and a president of Make Chinese Angry, MCA. Better resign or be booted out at coming GE13. MCA delegates will surely kick him out when MCA performs so badly that CSL has committed not to have any cabinet position for any MCA MP.
4 hours ago | Report
Anonymous_4030 Can we have Malaysian school please? I thought DAP's slogan is Malaysian Malaysia? Btw, you have options to go to other nearby schools in Segamat if you don't want to travel for an hour.
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Dappy Stupid and useless MCA president who is supposed to safeguard the Chinese. No guts to stand up to his UMNo master to demand for an independent Chinese school for Segamat. He thinks travelling to and fro 2 hrs a day to the nearest Chinese Sec school is a joyride for the students? MCA incapable of doing a decent service for the Chinese...kick em out!
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wira A school should not be more than 15 minutes away. If students are required to travel 45 mins one way daily, he/she would have wasted 1.5~2 hour a day in a vehicle or 8~10 hours a week. CSL doesn't see that waste significant. I guess perhaps he is blind as a porn star in a poorly lit room.
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Hussein Onn There is no such thing as a Malaysian Chinese Association. There is however an association for retired ugly porkmarked face Pornstars and their immediate family called The Malaysian Chlamydia Association.
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Where do we go from here? You were lucky to get the Pahang independent school because MOohidden bow to pressure for Dong Zong. Now, you behave like chicken again. Wait and see, Dong Zong can secure it, and CSL will jump up and claim his role
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Anonymous #72737246 MCA Pornstar: No land no money, no talk.
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ahkutan Gone case!!!Malaysia Chinese Association President already say BIG NO to Segamat Chinese Independent School. Look Like he talk on behalf of Education Minister..so called MCA represent Malaysia Chinese???may be MCA represent other races than orang cina..Get lose lah lu MCA...betul2 jual cina...
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Anonymous #19098644 Does it mean that since there are National schools less than 15 minutes of half an hour or one hour away , there is no further need for another National school? The community in Segamat are asking the MCA to fulfill its 1986 election promise to reinstate the independent school which was converted in the 1960's aided and abetted by the MCA How would you feel Mr Chua, when out of the blue 4 strangers appear unannounced and started the process of relocating your parents, grand parents and ancestors graves? But then again you have sold your soul to UMNO as their apologist a long time ago and wouldn't know what been a Chinese is all about !!!
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STOP Dei Chua pondamananei! The Chinese use their hard earned monies to build and run these schools not the govt noir your grandfather nor your keep. What the heck you want to stop these people from learning their own language. They are also learning Malay and English. The govt is sending hundreds of thousands of people to Middle East to Learn Arabic and other languages at the rakyat's expense fully. But here their own citizens to learn something at their own expense you want to deny it..
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