Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fierce political battle in Sabah'

PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali is anticipating a fierce battle between Pakatan Rakyat and BN following the resignation of Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin and Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing from the ruling coalition. What people says about this issue:

righteous The "Sponsored Taiwan Study trip"money already dried up.Hence???Wasalaam.
5 hours ago | Report
lim ah kow Thats the reality of politics, making deals with frogs for the greater good.
11 hours ago | Report
Hmmmmmmmm Looks like BN will need to have a few more rounds of BR1M handouts in Sabah.
13 hours ago | Report
spinnot BN already has no confidence before the defections of these two senior leaders, what's more now!
14 hours ago | Report
Watcher It's so sad that PR is willing to accept these two opportunists into their fold. They will play PR out after the election when the offer is right for them. This shows that not only BN is desperate but Anwar is the same.
15 hours ago | Report
Anonymous #29641466 Sabahan & Sarawakian have to work together with Pakatan Rakyat to remove UMNOPUTRA/BN from Putra Jaya during GE13.
15 hours ago | Report
Anonymous #43051382 I heard other leaders from Sabah & Sarawak mosguito parties will quit BN in the coming weeks. It seems like BN is already defeated even before GE13 officially announced.
15 hours ago | Report
Fight Injustice fixed deposit is screwed.More surprises on the d way.
15 hours ago | Report
isa@1penyu They were not wiling to resign as deputy minister or from umno that shows they hv very strong principles.
16 hours ago | Report
Anonymous_3ec6 Domino in Sabah and Sarawak..God bless Malaysia.
16 hours ago | Report
Lover Boy If at all the issue is money UMNO have the funds and resources to buy them, Mr Moo was there and Musa Aman also could not do anything. This time I think it is for real, both these men have conscience and I am now waiting for the domino effect to happen. Those MP with a conscience and after what UMNO has done to your country, it is now time for you to save Sabah by kicking out UMNO. MP if you die you cannot take the money with you, but if you save your country , even you were to die, people of Sabah will remember your good deeds instead of people peeing and shitting on your grave.
17 hours ago | Report
malaysiawatch4.blogspot Yes I agree that these leaders who switch camps need to be tested before being offered as candidates. Give them the task to help other candidates win the next GE and they can be appointed as Senators or into the BoD of GLCs
17 hours ago | Report
Hiu Woong-Sin Beware super frogs bearing gifts...if they are so concern about Sabah, let them play the supporting role for this coming election, if they show, in time, they are really dedicated and committed for the well being of all Sabahans, instead of serving themselves, then they may be nominated in the next "GE14".
17 hours ago | Report
Sodom me Sodom you FD sudah goyang lah Ah Jib? Salur lagi 3 bilion. Kasi tepat itu janji mau kenyang perut pemimpin BN tercintan. The cracks on the BN wall are getting bigger. Whatcha waitng for, Ah jib Gor, let the games begin!!
17 hours ago | Report

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