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Follower of Anwar?Is He changing?

Are you one of the Follower of Anwar?Is He changing?Please read on what people thoughts:

Ibrahim Ali: "You people are too sensitive lah... I did not mean anything when I say Cina balik Tungsan. You people sensitive because you are Cina mah..." Ok lah if Ibrahim the katak say like this. we understand where he is coming from. But Anwar? Haha. Just wait for one day when he is desperate to win Malay votes and say, "More rights for Cina would be against the constitution." That is politicians for you! Don't be sensitive guys ok. Just too bad you are Cina, Indian, LGBT, women, Indons, Bangla...
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20121221Disaster Josh Hong is a member of the LGBT communities. So heshe is oversensitive on the cautious remark of DSAI on the topic of LGBT! ABU!
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Lynn I too am not a big fan of anwar but I think you have to give him credit for having a stand, even if you think it's populist stand and playing to the gallery of Islamist. I'm not a Muslim but i also do not condone homosexuality. I also do not think we should live and let live because it is wrong!! You can't criticize someone for having that point of view.
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Proarte Malaysians must learn to respect and adhere to principle. Anwar despite his duplicity and abuse of Islam is a darned sight better leader than anything BN has to offer, so in this context and given that Pakatan has elected him as their leader, we are stuck with him. Having said that it is important not to gloss over Anwar's faults and hypocrisy. The overriding aim is to see the back of UMNO and their hopeless lackey sidekicks MCA, MIC and Gerakan. We cannot deny that Pakatan is a marriage of convenience of unhappy bedfellows with disparate ideologies. They have come together mainly due to the prospect of power and as such can be considered to be opportunistic. However, we cannot let UMNO run riot and destroy this nation. Civil society will increasingly play a powerful role in directing the new paradigm of governance which we desperately need.
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为国为民 Anwar tak boleh pakai, then Karpal Singh or Hadi Awang? Terus pakai UMNO sajalah!
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为国为民 To topple UMNO through PRU 13, Anwar is indispensable ! No political leader will be perfect to you and everyone! Any good reason to discredit Anwar now? Hoping BN will change to be better under the leadership of Najib and Chua SL?
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为国为民 LGBT is posing a threat to our normal society! I support Anwar's statement!
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blind freddo 8240... We can't find a Mercedes mechanic so, we'll use the Proton apprentice instead. This is your country, you future and your family' future you are gambling with
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Anonymous #62163581 Very succint article. Guess you in the LGBT will have to await change with even more patience than ever. Getting Anwar and his PR associates to act in your favour will be a long time coming. Just to keep PAS 'quiet and stay oncourse, he could hardly have said less. I agree he should if he is a truly great leader but we haven't got anyone of that calibre, do we? Neither has the rest of the world! Sad.
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ccsan Have u not learnt how difficult to change or even replace a useless PM? U think the voters are so easily swayed? The Chinese saying that if u trust DSAI, the swine also would be able to climb up the tree!
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Simpang 4 Always a wolf in a sheep's clothing
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anon8240 Anwar tak boleh pakai, but he comes with the package. Shd PKR come to power, DAP & PAS will be a check on anwar. And if anwar gets out of hand, the same malaysian voter who put him in can give him the boot, that's people power. For now we don't have anyone to lead the challenge against BN, anwar will have to do for now.
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Pemerhati Anwar is a politician and like any successful politician he has to say the things that go down well with a large majority of the people and later, if expedient, he may quietly change his position. He has been charged for sodomy twice by Umno and he must be fully aware that if in his statements he even gives the slightest hint of being a liberal towards the LGBT communities, Umno and their formidable monopolised mainstream media would go all out to demonise him. So his latest statement is probably meant to ensure that Umno does not get any excuse to attack him. We should not lose sight of the big picture which is to bring PR into power and establish a two party system and remove the crooks from BN who are robbing the country blind. If PR does not perform the people can then bring back a cleansed BN. Whatever his real and perceived shortcomings, the charismatic Anwar is currently the best person to lead PR and win the elections.
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Mamakson If we go by Mamak Fella's logic, Indians and Orang Asli in this country deserve to be discriminated against because their numbers are small. Anwar has gone back on his words for an inclusive and compassionate society. His Umno's past has caught up with him. The next target? Ethnic minorities, women etc. If suddenly there is a surge in Malay support for Umno, Anwar would say things at the expense of other ethnic groups also. Perhaps it is time to ditch Pakatan Rakyat.
22/7/2012 0:10:03pm | Report

Anticommunalist Josh. kudos to your article. But I have to warn you, this website is a PR website hence articles such as this which threatens their leader will definitely not be received positively by the 'powers' that be. You will be subtly warned and if continued then you will be censured.
22/7/2012 10:33:13am | Report

DR.JAG#04496187 So, how does it make DSAI a doublespeak, or double-minded, man if he said homosexuals should be discriminated against to protect the sanctity of marriage. He was speaking with specific and particular reference to the institution of marriage in the context of homosexuality. I have no quarrel with this position of DSAI. Now, if DSAI had said something to the effect that homosexuals should be put away, banished, stoned, killed, etc... that is a different matter. I have the utmost regard for DSAI who decided not to wait for Mahathir to retire, but took him head-on while he was heir apparent. He need not have risked his then rock-solid political career. THAT says a lot about the man. He has my support from 8800 miles away. I am yet to meet a Malaysian in the USA who does not support the man and his views. DSAI, that is. Dr.Jag Seattle, Washington.
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Anti-TokKok Josh, I agree with most of your opinions and comments but I'm just not able to bring myself to agree with your views about the LGBT issue. Please think for a moment if God really made the human anatomy suitable for the physical sexual pleasures of the LGBT proponents. I am a fully qualified medicalmprofessional who have sufficient knowledge on the human anatomy. And, by the way, when has Anwar ever indicated any form of support for LGBT-nature activities?
22/7/2012 12:39:42am | Report

WL Well said, Josh!
21/7/2012 11:52:19pm | Report

jean pierre The measure of a civilization is in how her minorities are treated, someone once said. If democracy is all about pandering to the wishes of the majority, we might as well hang our conscience.
21/7/2012 11:43:11pm | Report

Good men Anyone who thinks it was possible in the current climate for Anwar to come out in support of LGBT is naive. The questions posed to Anwar in court that elicited the response in question was designed to trap Anwar into an answer in support of LGBT, which would then be the perfect Utusan, TV3, RTM1, RTM2 etc headline and GE13 campaign material to turn the more conservative inclined Malay vote. His answer may disappoint many of us, but its a political answer. I don't think we can deduce his personal thinking from this.
21/7/2012 10:34:23pm | Report

mamak fella LGBT issues should be secondary. RACE issue should be primary. RACISM is still everywhere. Let's accept facts! NO MATTER WHO THE GOVT IS, LGBT WILL NEVER GET ENDORSED BY ANYONE. ITS THE MINORITY THAT SUPPORT LGBT NOT MAJORITY. politics is a numbers game. applies to everyone. sorry. thats true
21/7/2012 5:59:11pm | Report

blind freddo Balakrishnan.... the answer is that basically BN are a write off. There is still some hope that Pakatan might be persuaded to think like a 21st century government and start to reflect the wishes and needs of Malaysians... and not what they think those needs and wishes are
21/7/2012 11:26:02am | Report

jean pierre I was disappointed with Anwar's recent statement on LGBT. Very much against the current stream of thought in Pakatan that we have come to expect.
21/7/2012 11:20:01am | Report

Balakrishnan Nair how come you are not commenting on the views by Najib, Hisham, Muhuyuddin and Mahathir an this issue...
21/7/2012 9:51:51am | Report

blind freddo 3a7d NO you dont have to 'make do' with this guy. But you do have to do something about it yourselves. Anwar is as trustworthy as a rattlesnake. Stop and listen to what he is saying... mostly its negative anti BN stuff... that is TOTALLY unimportant when planning the future of the country. Its a matter for policing agents and the judiciary ... not for politicians. Above that most of the things he has to say are ill thought through nonsense spoken solely to influence voters and having nothing to do with the overall planning of the nation. But what is WORSE is what Anwar is NOT saying... and that covers just about everything that is controversial or important to the long term future of Malaysia. He is a true clone of Mahathir and is aiming to be the same sort of despot where he and only he makes decisions
21/7/2012 8:05:16am | Report

Anonymous_3e7d Never trusted ths guy but we have to make do with this guy at this point of time.
21/7/2012 12:41:11am | Report

Proarte Anwar has always been opportunistic and unprincipled. His Islamic posturing is merely a fig leaf for his characteristic duplicity. He is a moral coward and his recent illogical utterances in court on homosexuality is testimony to this fact. How does discrimination towards homosexuals contribute to the integrity of heterosexual marriage? It does not, period. Can Anwar please answer why the current discrimination against LGBT did not prevent him from consorting with a young Chinese prostitute which was caught on CCTV in graphic detail? Let us be clear, Anwar cheating on his wife and bare- faced lying to the nation has nothing to do with the LGBT minority. It is his own doing and he should have the moral courage to admit it. But this is the crux of the matter, Anwar is an unprincipled incorrigible liar. He has now roped in his wife, Nurul and Pakatan to lie for him over his philandering. The latest is 'Reformasi' condones discrimination! How can such a man lead Pakatan to victory?
20/7/2012 7:12:00pm | Report

Sodom me Sodom you Josh, I'm a fan of your work. I believe that politicians will be politicians at the end of the day. Malaysia is still a long way from endorsing complete sexual freedom but there has to be baby steps towards some sort of reforms on this sector. LGBT communities will need to continue their struggle like any other oppressed segment of society until progress happens I guess.
20/7/2012 3:43:37pm | Report

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