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Malays in Malaysia

Our approach to life, is only a question of attitude and in Malaysia, Malays need some mental liberation to take charge of their lives. The days of Umno being the nanny, are over.See what people says about this below. Restless_Native I got to view first-hand, in the mid-east here I worked for many years in the 80s,what govt pampering does to the populace. I had great difficulty extracting work from the locals. The productivity from the imported Indians & Pakistanis was three times that of the locals...who were paid 2.5 times more than the imported labor! The locals also had a month off in a year. They would also not do certain types of work! Mahatir started this downhill trend with the Malays and now they are addicted to hand-outs. Outside of M'sia such Malays will find it hard to compete. Favoritism & protectionism result in mediocrity..at best. Look at Proton & what protectionism has done for it...and the general population that has to suffer the poor quality of their products. 14/7/2012 10:35:30am | Report Simon Lee1 After the collapse of Apartheid, the United Racist National Org is the world’s most racist & corrupt pty where the poor are discriminated & denied equal treatment.This is the only land on earth where a suffering & poor Indian is denied discount when buying a home for his family, but a millionaire rich & powerful Umno Malay is given discounts to purchase a mansion. This is the only land where a poor Chinese is denied to purchase ASN the last 30 years while the multi-millionaire ministers,their children & family are given absolute right to massive & sinful returns via the ASN for doing nothing. It’s most haram when a poor Indian boy with outstanding academic results through his sweat & tears is mercilessly denied scholarship while the rich & powerful children who are less qualified are given free tertiary education.This is the only corrupt country where the minority has to feed the majority & the corrupt in power!The destruction of this nation is imminent in the next generation! 13/7/2012 10:42:09pm | Report Luke 1v37 The writer has told the truth. But in this country political survival is more important than nation building. It is curse that Malays after 54 years still ask for help as the saying goes anything free is better than paying. The Malays must look at the Jews and learn but will they! 13/7/2012 10:33:29pm | Report Joe Fernandez SUFFERING is good for the soul. 13/7/2012 5:13:59am | Report Joe Fernandez If the Malay-speaking communities -- anything from Bugis and Javanese to Minang and Acehnese -- in Peninsular Malaysia want to truly progress as a community, they must reject the Melayu Government, elect non-Malays as their legislators, be Islamic -- that means no corruption -- in their approach, be willing to read, study and learn; be willing to take risks, be willing to learn from their failures, and above all be willing to SUFFER. Now they talk big from behind the security of a job in the government sector. 13/7/2012 5:07:26am | Report Joe Fernandez The Malay-speaking communities -- anything from Bugis and Javanese to Minang and Acehnese -- in Peninsular Malaysia don't suffer from Attitude Sickness. They suffer from Allitude Sickness masked by Umno's "political ideology" taken from the Malayalee Muslim-created concept of Malay nationalism (read Professor William Roff's Origin of Malay Nationalism) i.e. jealousy of the Chinese in business or sometimes referred to as "Malay fear of Chinese economic domination". 13/7/2012 4:59:31am | Report AngryBird Mariam, DUMNO/BN will never ever change their errant behaviour come what may. The have been spoilt and are beyond redemption. The only way is throw out DUMNO/BN in GE13, but due to massive fraud in the electoral rolls, which Pink Lipped Najis is reluctant to address, they are sure to will win again. 12/7/2012 3:38:27pm | Report Dumb&Deaf Mariam Mokhtar, you are truly a precious gem of clarity, insight and heart wisdom. Race, Religion and Royalty are a poor substitute for 'Riting, Reading and 'Rithmetic - which is what every "anak tiri" enjoys. 12/7/2012 11:29:38am | Report MissPandora How awful it is to be stuck in rut and cannot get out. What a sorry lot! 11/7/2012 4:02:06pm | Report Hang Tuah PJ I know many Malays that feel that all these crtuches is their God given right. Anway, dont forget the 'Anak pariah' (referring to Indians) who are treated worst than 'anak tiri'. 11/7/2012 9:55:37am | Report Mr KJ John Agreed that fear of the unknown is debilitating! Maturity requires moving out comfort zones. 11/7/2012 8:26:57am | Report AWAS You have said expressed the truth, Mariam. Far too long the Malays have been pampered as a result they have become lazy and uncreative. Wake up you Malays, work hard and prove your worth in this competitive world. 11/7/2012 6:53:26am | Report Anonymous_5fb Either we see this as 'fear of trying' or 'attitude sickness', Umno need to be got rid of. Not all Malays are 'anak manja' and not all non-Malays are 'anak tiri'. Many non-Umno Malays are 'anak tiri' but 'anak haram' instead. It's these 'anak haram' Malays (Mariam Mokhtar is one of them) that can cure this 'fear of trying' and 'attitude sickness', so that Umno cannot play this up as touching on sensitive issues. At the same time, voting ABU is a must for us anak tiri and haram. Meanwhile, just put aside high class anak manja in royal families. They will fall like dominos once Umno are rid with. 11/7/2012 12:01:58am | Report Anonymous #58437020 Lynn. Totally agree with you. The non Malays have also benefitted from the cronyism. Just look at MCA and MIC with all their pseudo-manifesto of building a homogenous society. Year after year, the greed gets worst. We don't have much to pass on to the younger generation. I remember in the late 1970's, and the early 1980's how my family used to drive pass the Vietnames refugees camps along the Seremban/KL highway. The situation was horrible and heart wrecnching. Hot, blazing sun and zinc roofs for the refugess and boat people. But, look at how well the government is treating the illegal immigrants now. There is just no political bandwidth. If at all, this issuance of fake ICs to illegal immigrants for one year is true, then we and the country have truly gone to the DOGS. Hope Malaysiakini get do some articles on this. 10/7/2012 4:54:11pm | Report 20121221Disaster This evil leadership of UMNO BARU feel that, more and more Malays have become smart and not easy to be conned, so they recruit new bloods from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and other low mental foreigners! ABU! 10/7/2012 10:52:40am | Report 偉大的中國聖人 Mariam, very true that you have written. Maybe, we continue to have this regime for 54 years. The Malays wil be obliged to vote for this corrupted regime for preferential treatment. They do not know that only the elite ones get the cream and not the kampong type. We must educate these people and bot use racist to threaten them like UMNO/BN does. 10/7/2012 8:24:49am | Report Anonymous #46632038 The spoilt child vs adopted child analogy is brilliant. It describes my sentiments so accurately. To add salt to the wounds of us adopted kids, our father is even taking in street kids into the home and making them their anak manjas (new citizens masquerading as bumis using their religion). 9/7/2012 11:46:48pm | Report Lynn It's tempting to agree with you that non Malays get scraps etc but there are many non Malay cronies who have and continue to walk away with billions. So stupidity and greed most certainly is color blind. 9/7/2012 10:04:02pm | Report 20121221Disaster It is the evil leadership of UMNO BARU to blame! The UMNO BARU leadership conned the Malays into it! Instead of thanks the UMNO BARU leadership the Malays should curse the UMNO BARU leadership and abandon UMNO BARU before too late! ABU! 9/7/2012 9:01:44pm | Report Antidespots The big problem arises when Malaysia runs out of money for the spoilt Malays. What will they do then? They are not equipped to face hardship, real competition, or the real world. The spoilt child usually end up as a black sheep of the family, unable to fend for himself. Umno Malays, take note. Your children, grandkids are the ones to suffer in the near future. Easy come easy go as far as money is concerned. 9/7/2012 8:54:15pm | Report Kim Quek A very thought-provoking article from the courageous Mariam Mokhtar who calls a spade a spade. It tells how Umno’s racist policy, while professing to champion the Malays, has ironically impaired their psyche and diminished their competitiveness. Through propaganda and lies, Umno hopes to continue to enslave the Malay mindset, so as to perpetuate its political hegemony. The coming election will offer the best opportunity to date for breaking Umnos’s such feudal grib and liberate not only Malays but all Malaysians 9/7/2012 7:39:31pm | Report raja1949 GUYS....Malays being Malays, nothing is enough for them, it willgoes onandon and on...till GOD knows when. As long as they have UMNO Baru to pemper them, all are sub sub swei mahh. Why worry not my fathers money whattt..... 9/7/2012 7:25:23pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 Ben_Ghazi. You are right. Do you also know that many Malay women quarrel with their husbands and kids because the kids do not want to be sent off this private boarding schools at the age of 13 or 15. Many of these kids suffer from loneliness, and they would prefer to stay home with ah ma and papa. Does our policy makers know this. 9/7/2012 6:17:07pm | Report RR Ben - Ghazi is perfectly right. UMNO or Mahathir's policies of quotas and preferential treatments have placed the Malays in complacency. I know many Malays do not want these privileges for they want to compete on equal footing with the non-Malays for it hurts their pride as a race. Some of the best doctors,engineers etc are Malays in the country. It is UMNO that spoon fed the majority Malays and spoilt them. Mariam you are therefore right. Hope Malays will realize this and change for better. 9/7/2012 5:59:41pm | Report Anonymous #97502198 Mariam, thanks again for daring to think loudly and make a difference. you have begun to open the eyes of the rakyat to see the rot and hopefully to steer clear of the pit that's waiting, and that's where Msia is unfortunately heading. But at least there is hope. Thank God for you and others who are concerned and have the guts to speak out against a feudal culture that strangles freedom. May the Almighty protect you and give you greater and deeper insight in your coming articles. 9/7/2012 5:10:15pm | Report TUAH Mariam ..... beautifully penned. Indeed, the Malays are suffering from ATTITUDE SICKNESS !!!!!! They need to change for their own good and future !!!! 9/7/2012 5:07:31pm | Report Anonymous #73242862 Very well written and very true! 9/7/2012 4:20:16pm | Report Ben-ghazi The Malay is shielded from competing directly with the non-Malays. Instead of letting the Form 6 be the avenue for further studies for all races, the BN created the Kolej Matrikulasi to shelter Malays from the fierce competition in Form 6. They lower the standard in these colleges and shorten the course to 3 semesters, sometimes even 2 only. When these students enter universities, they cannot compete well with those that come in with STPM/HSC. In my time, we had to compete with non-Malays in the 6th form. THere was no preferential treatment, and we survived. Because of that, we could walk with our heads up! Now it's a different story altogether. 9/7/2012 3:52:59pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 By the way Mariam, the way the policies have been so badly implemented, please make sure that our next Minister of Human Resource who gets appointed does not sit ther because of his political party but because he can do his job. The Human Resource strategy in our country has been shabby for a long time. EPU? Pemandu? MOHR? what have they done ? Probably FMM has done more than the likes of MEF and also MOHR. We have too many of these associations which keep their leaders in the position for too long a time and no change ever happens which can help change this attitude. 9/7/2012 3:24:32pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 Whoever who takes over after GE13 will not have it easy and our mathematicians, our economists better sharpen their pencils and bring out the calculators. The next regime that comes into power must be a bunch of well trained leaders with experience in policy making, business and good understanding of social policies and its impact. We cannot have these joget MP's, samseng and gangsters running for Parliament and then getting themselves key positions like Education, Transport, Health, Agriculture etc. It's a disaster in the making. We are safer with the intellectuals then. We must also find a proper Finance Minister, not a Yes-man but someone who dares to speak and not related to any idiot political party. He must work for the organization and not a party. And that should be the mindset of that appointment. Enough of these illness called privilege cronyism. Singapore & Hong Kong has got its act together. So have the region. We are still fighting ourselves. That's the attitude Mariam. 9/7/2012 3:03:01pm | Report Loyal Malaysian TQ Mariam for being so frank with your comments!! I can only hope your enlightened views are shared by more of of fellow rakyat in the rural hinterlands. For the change that civil society hopes will take place can only happen if the rakyat in the rural hinterlands are ob board the boat of change!! 9/7/2012 2:59:21pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 We have had three major recessions in this country; 1983's to 1988, 1997 financial crisis, and the recent global financial crisis. At each round of the crisis, government debt went up and many Malay businesses suffered. Najib is also not having it easy. How much more Petronas money do we have before oil and gas really runs out? Has the other oil companies which operate here done enough CSR for our country? Shell, Exxon? anyone looked into that. What happens to that 60 to 70 billion taxes we collect annually. The next government regime should look at reviewing; why we don't have a world class university in our own backyard? why is our healthcare system so hopeless? why is crime so high? why are we allowing so many immigrants in and not forcing our own kind to work and allow them to be Mat rempits so that they can rob and smash? We invested in all this but our bloated civil service is where the real Malay attitude must change. The illness is in the leadership & the bloated civil service. 9/7/2012 2:57:08pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 And I tell you what my Malay friends are upset about. The Tan Sri's and the Datuk's that continue to access scholarships for their children, and also those who get access to buy nice homes in Damansara Heights at dirt cheap prices. Many Malays have not benefited from the system at all. And to add salt to the wounds, the policies segregated the way business was done. This goes to UDA, this goes to PKNS, this goes to SEDC. Just look at the mess they created. Then you have leaders like the one in Johor SEDC who sat in the CEO chair for ever so long and no one dared to touch him. You see the policies should have enabled integration, and that's where it all went wrong and got very myopic. Will this continue? Oh yes, it will. If we continue to give out social protection to the good, bad and the ugly and ignore meritocracy, Malaysia will always be backward. You cannot have a system that benefit so many people. You make them lazy. You make them dependent. They keep asking for more. 9/7/2012 2:51:20pm | Report Anonymous #58437020 Mariam, there are many fine Malay gentlemen and women in the midst of Malaysia. Ex: the likes of Tan Sri Ani Arope. Tan Sri Musa Hitam,etc. The Malays are a very gentle race and like any other race entitle to change, to ambition, to money and aspirations. However, after the announcement of NEP, the way social protection was delivered was wrong. ITM, scholarships, extra quota into the university, special discount for buying homes, Amanah Saham Nasional and high dividends. When this happened, the average Malay saved less because he knows Mr. Government will always be there. And to be fair, the government looked after the Malays very well. But like all big umbrellas, when you provide shade for too long, your skin gets lesser sunlight and you will get scurvy. This attitude which you describe of the Malays then gets exhibited in materialism. I know many Malays who spend excessively and I also know the Malays who know that because he has no connections, he has to fend for himself. 9/7/2012 2:45:32pm | Report blind freddo You are wrong Mariam. UMNO does not excel at indoctrination. But it as hand-in-glove with another organisation that does. UMNO simply provides every opportunity possible for the indoctrinators to do their dirty work. Under compulsion the indocs use every technique in the indocs handbook to destroy young Malays self worth, their individuality, their ability to think analytically, to question, to innovate and to try to do things for themselves. Once they have been through that process they are fodder for all and any manipulators. All you need is the three letter password and you can convince them to do anything 9/7/2012 0:39:57pm | Report Hermit Mamakutty, a liar is always a liar. It must be a sheer lie to denounce all Malays are stupid. Let me put this back into his mouth: It is only the Dumno Malays who are stupid. Mamakutty, without an iota of doubt is an Indian offspring, and harbouring the most vile dreams faked himself as a Malay more than the true Malays. He enslaved the Dumno Malays for more than 22 years, by changing and removing laws, judges and even curtailing the powers of rulers whom he felt as threats to his tyranny rule. Under the pretext of uplifting the poor Malays, he carved and plundered the economy to enrich his family and cronies. With the absolute power in Mamakutty's hands, the Dumno Malays now worship the new hands that feed them, while worshipping the rulers becomes a mere customary ritual. Realising Mamakutty becoming a fake leader, many Malays who become clever have abandoned him to join PAS, PKR and DAP. These CLEVERER MALAYS are now the real threats to Mamakutty. 9/7/2012 0:29:13pm | Report Raikonen Maybe it is the genes...don't force those who are not up to it or they will get a environmental shock... 9/7/2012 0:22:06pm | Report

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