Monday, July 30, 2012

Malaysia Leadership and Corruption

Many of the people in the news these days-and, by and large, that, of course, means BN politicians - really must have been smoking some pretty bad weed, as it were. See below what people says about this statement made by ROM NAIN (media analyst and  academic).

Anonymous #22381928 Great! Your pen has stabbed right through their hearts..good article and well written..glad that you have reach a wider readers..all around the world..rather than just in one of the mainstream news- eric..ex Borneo post reader
10/7/2012 0:40:16pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Mr. Rom Nain - the crime phenomenon in Malaysia is at its tipping point and the robbers have mutated to a higher degree of violence, and the crime scenes have moved from roads to homes, to offices and now to the malls. Please go to this site, and Please read the tales of horror for yourself or just google on crime in Malaysia and see the number of blogs and also Facebook links discussing this issue. No one is safe. How can the government be promoting Malaysia rampantly as a popular tourism destination when internally we are not even committed to looking after the safety of our tourists. How can the Mat Rempits robbers be so bold and violent? What is happening to the black economy in our country? Who are the people selling and trading in stolen goods? Theft and robbery occurs when there is a demand for stolen goods. Maybe, the authorities should review how they are managing the problem rather then taking the traditional approach.
8/7/2012 11:22:49pm | Report
blind freddo part 2. Shallow Malaysians would rather asses candidates for leadership on the basis of what they do in bed. They somehow manage to overlook the fact that that is irrelevant to the function of a leader. I cant comment on Malaysia's early leaders, but they lived in simpler times. And I suspect their leadership skills have inflated with time. In more recent times the nearest to leadership has been Mahathir, that insecure little man who used fear and terror and the principles of an outdated religion to beat down anyone who dared challenge him. He hated everyone who might oppose him and carried out his leadership by devious unethical means
8/7/2012 9:36:37am | Report
blind freddo Its highly unlikely that Malaysia could ever produce a person with the criteria necessary for truly inspirational leadership. To be leadership material a person must be scrupulously honest, with impeccable ethics. He/she needs to have a goal common to all the people of the nation and be able to convey that goal to his people. Look at the situation. Honesty is a flexible commodity in Malaysian and when it comes face to face with ego it loses everytime. Ethics... what is the Malaysian stand on ethics.. money first then me, then maybe we will apply some ethics to the equation. But ethics are better left for other people to practice
8/7/2012 9:30:46am | Report
blind freddo Like so many 'analysts, you detail the details and classify the events but you fail to address the real causes of the problems. Here's a hint... is there any other country in the world where 75% of the population 'believe' they belong to either the supreme race or the superior race. Think about the delusions that make this possible in the most mediocre of mediocracies
8/7/2012 9:20:48am | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Mr. Nain, with the daily sleazy, slimy, slandering which is brought on board by the likes of MCA and gang, the non-Malays of this country has given up on MCA. MIC is the other failure. With the NEP, and the racial polarisation, and depleting resources, many Malaysians are questioning - is there hope in this country. How long will this silly arrogance called - Malaysia Boleh last ? We have been conned for sure.
8/7/2012 7:13:33am | Report
Boom Boom Pow! Mr Nain, I am sure you are aware that Malaysia is the laughing stock of Asia, the butt of many jokes. Even the Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese people are laughing at what they described as buffoons running our government. Even corrupt government ministers can be smart, but ours are both corrupt and stupid. Only people in Malaysia, or should I quote the proverbial, "kataks dibawah tempurungs" can stomach this for the past decades. Many Malaysian people are ashamed of our incumbent leaders. Some have decided they have had enough of it and migrated to societies with a better quality of life. It is important to note that good food, good weather and a beautiful country ravaged with corruption, inept police force, wasted resources, poor hygiene, atrocious service, widespread political apathy, and racial discrimination does not constitute what one would describe as a good quality of life, neither for us nor the future of our children.
8/7/2012 12:48:42am | Report
Logger123 There is leadership. Pirate leaders.
7/7/2012 11:36:47am | Report
Armageddon If some corrupted idiots want to give away cash, we shall take without hesitation. But when comes to voting, kick the idiots out.
7/7/2012 9:13:27am | Report
RR Hope those guilty have a little conscience to change for the better for the sake of the country we love; at least for our children's sake.
6/7/2012 5:21:21pm | Report
Balakrishnan Nair Mr.Rom Nain... congratulations for a well written article...this should have been Part 1 of a series.... with the rest to follow as there are so many actions that you can illustrate ...
6/7/2012 5:14:10pm | Report
Paul Warren You forgot the Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim! He should be reassigned to the Ministry of Stupids.
6/7/2012 6:48:48am | Report
Mr KJ John Well articulated on flip flop leadership by clowns!
6/7/2012 5:24:31am | Report
Odin Did you say ‘leadership', Rom? How can louses lead? Each is concerned only with sucking as much as it can of the blood (or juice, in the case of plant louse) of its host. With the way things are going, I feel like turning on, tuning in and dropping out. Ya got some grass, man?
5/7/2012 11:32:56pm | Report
Yours truly A beautiful article by Rom Nain. Unfortunately, the majority of Malaysians are easily bought with RM500 and have short memories. That is why BN keeps winning the elections.
5/7/2012 10:27:46pm | Report
Appum More pieces from you, Mr. Rom Nain. Simple... yet so eloquent!
5/7/2012 9:30:23pm | Report
trublumalaysian Eye-opening article Rom. For too long, the man-who-walks-on-water and still does, has created a structure of imbeciles within Dumbno/BN and currently as we see & observe; they just don't have the intellectual capacity to respond to anything, remotely rational. For, he's already numbed their brains to a point beyond their own comprehension. Yup, the land of umno/bn zombies.
5/7/2012 8:59:09pm | Report
Anonymous #06659895 Oh bn shelf life already expired that's why the forgetful,only if he wishes to forget, come to their aid.That forgetful master's pants are now very wet and maybe fungus starting to spread to his skin coz he can't change his pants.
5/7/2012 7:49:46pm | Report
The Malaysian Saudara, You have put it very well indeed. A piece to be shared with all my friends!
5/7/2012 6:50:23pm | Report
Hmmmmmmmm I always enjoy reading your piece
5/7/2012 5:57:31pm | Report
bmjr Mr Rom Nain, a well written and hard hitting piece..saying it like it is.
5/7/2012 5:53:26pm | Report
SSRAVICHANDRAN Good article. Let us get rid of this corrupted dying regime in the coming GE
5/7/2012 4:20:57pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Rom Nain-Antonio Gramsci is very much alive in the university lecture halls today and his concepts are being widely taught and used . Hegemony is everywhere in Malaysia and the current regime uses it to their advantage. I am very glad sir, that there are folks like you who can write pieces like this in Malaysiakini. Well done, and keep up the good work as the mainstream media is carrying thrash nowadays.
5/7/2012 3:10:25pm | Report
Dont just talk If our Gen.Y are looking for leadership by example, they need not look further,they have plenty of Malaysian leaders from UMNO and MCA to follow..We have a corrupted leader who was alleged to be involved with the late Altantuya murder and another Chinese leader who was caught with pants down,now blowing his trumpet that at least he has the courage to admit it..We have another leader, who shamelessly folded up her sleeves during the UMNO AGM and challenging the opposition for revealing the RM250 million cow-condos scandal.Unlike developed countries when these leaders voluntarily step down from their high pedestal,our Malaysian leaders hold on to them with their dear life and such is our Malaysian leadership by example..

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