Monday, July 23, 2012

Malaysia suffers first rise of poverty rate since 1999?

Malaysia experienced a slight increase in the poverty rate between 2007 and 2009, the first since the end of the 1999 Asian financial crisis, according to a survey conducted by the Department of Statistics.See people comments:

Rahmat Ibrahim Ask Najib and he will say that this is part of Janji ditepati - To have more poor people.
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Anonymous #19098644 Again the bottom three states are Sabah, sarawak and Perlis, all ruled by the BN. Surprisingly kelantan is not among them ,hows that the propaganda against PAS is nothing but misleading lies. The sad part is that both Sabah and Sarawak are states which are rich with resources and full of promise. Only a change of government there can bring hope and prosperity to those states.
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wira By 2020, if we continue to allow UMNO to run the country, by extrapolation, we can evidently see that we'll be worse off then than we are today. The only people who may easily achieve a developed status in wealth are UMNO leaders and their cronies.
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wira Malaysiakini. I cannot understand your last statement "Income inequality between genders was also serious, with the men earning an average household income of RM4,219, while the figure for women wage earners stood at only RM2,958." When we talk about household income, don't we also include the income of a working wife? So if the wife's wage is also included in the household income, is it fair to compare a woman's income to the combined household earning of husband, wife and possibly children too?
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FellowMalaysian The increase of average household income from RM2,020 to RM 4,025 from 1995 to 2009 showed an increase of yearly income growth rate at 4.8%. The inflation rate was about 5.0%. We are actually poorer in terms of net returns. How was the figure RM800 derived or chosen to represent the definition cutoff figure for the poor? If it had been RM800 in 1995, then factoring a inflation rate of 5%, the 2009 definition should be RM1663. If this is true, then well over 40% of the population are poor based on 2005-ringgit.
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bumiasli Malaysia is not a porr country and should not experience poverty if the government was not so corrupt. Why the politicians are not getting poorer. Of course people will ghet poorer because we are getting robbed of all our resources.
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OMG Janji Ditepati. Janji BN buat rakyat lagi miskin and susah.
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Kgen I don't think the increase in poverty rate is slight but never mind that. Malaysia is one of the unlucky countries in the world where life gets harder as time pass.
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tailek Sabah and Sarawak is so rich with natural resources, the real (not including illegal immigrants who became overnight citizens under Tun M's project IC) population is small and yet they number among the poorest states in Malaysia. The only rich ones are the ruling elites who have plundered the states' wealth for themselves and their business cronies. Rakyat of Sabah and Sarawak do you still want to vote BN. Wake up and vote wisely next GE
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Jesmine Janji TIDAK ditepati!!!!!
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Headhunter Well, the BN is always bragging about their performance didn't they? Still think they should be allowed to continue running down the country?
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Odin It isn't hard to figure out the reasons for the income disparity and Sabah and Sarawak being the poorest and second poorest states in the whole of Malaysia. Malaysia a developed country by 2020? That's a wild dream.
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