Friday, July 27, 2012

Malaysian dealings with Macom Bhd

Every Malaysian has, in their daily activities, had dealings with Macom Bhd., the company which flourished under the tenure of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Even foreign investors have been involved in transactions with Macom. Just in case you’re not aware, Macom stands for ‘Makan Commission’.

Let see what people says about this issue:

Willy Simpang A new govt by PR will solve 'macom' problems and bring this country to achieve tremendous progress.
8/7/2012 1:23:42am | Report
Logger123 Pride comes before the fall.
7/7/2012 11:26:14am | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Malaysiakini has been a great platform for Malaysians to voice their opinions on current politics. I urge Malaysiakini to also write some pieces about the attitude of Malaysians. This country must rise and work hard again, and eradicate this false confidence created by our mad leaders called Malaysian Boleh. We are way behind the Filipinos, the Thais, the Singaporeans and the Indonesians. Not to mention the Vietnamese. After GE13, the new Malaysian leader must reassess our role in Asean and see how we have lost our competitiveness. This oil money from Petronas will not last forever . Just from upstream and down stream activities, Petronas money has made many Malaysians filthy rich especially those with privilege connections and birth right. The party will stop one day. How many more Felda can we list as well. Felda and Syabas must be the last of the golden goose.
4/7/2012 3:08:39pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Mariam, you should do a piece on this stupid attitude called Malaysia Boleh. This cockiness is a pseudo confidence which is robbing Malaysian blind. As such, many just looking for short cuts. Fast money, fast cars, fast woman, fat deals, overseas trip, instant gratification, cepat shock sendiri feeling. The general attitude amongst Malaysians is this feeling of envy. Dengki. Who created this everything boleh business? You know who. This cockiness is systemic and flows in the blood of the civil service, the GLC's, the policy makers, the politicians, the scholars, the 10A SPM students, etc. Are you sure we are so great? Malaysians are in self denial. The hysterical growth over the last 20 years have made Malaysians forget about fundamentals like; be grateful we have a job, the principles of the Rukun Negara, patriotism, filial piety, respect, adat, hard work, loyalty....our Malaysian values which emerged with the emigrants and the Malays born after the WWII are all lost.
4/7/2012 3:03:57pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Boom Boom Pow- you are right. After this GE13, many will be deciding whether this country is worth living and saving for. Many will also be planning to leave if its the same shit but just different leaders. The corruption and this one-up-manship behaviour of the current administration domestically and internationally is irritating. Malaysian leaders have humiliated themselves with this stupid bloody attitude of 'Malaysia Boleh', when they are so many things which are fundamental that we are TAK BOLEH. Crime, prostitution, drugs, money laundering, corruption, stripping of assets of companies they manage, nepotism,poor implementation of policies, over building, over borrowing, etc. The dignity of the country is lost with all these goons attacking one another with porno tapes, surat layang,accusations, etc. Whichever party that is voted in, it can never be a one single party majority. There must be check and balance, We cannot have new actors but same kind of corruption. Tak Boleh.
4/7/2012 2:57:06pm | Report
Betul punya Satu Malaysia Macam-macam KELDAI dari Syarikat HUMNo Cybertrooper Bhd tak habis-habis menonjolkan KEBODOHAN mereka..Dari CEO AkuMelayu aka Don't Play Play, COO isa@1penyu aka isa@1LEMBU aka isa@1KENTUT, CFO (ini CFO muda, otak kurang sikit, tapi mungkin selalu hisap kuat, cepat nak pangkat) JEDI Fawkes aka Young CIKU, semua betul-betul TAK MALU...Sudah ambil Wang dari Jibby (aka 1SHITTY aka Pink Lips aka BigMama's Shitpot) tapi kualiti kerja mereka langsung tak boleh di harap...Macam mana ini.???
4/7/2012 2:25:38pm | Report
Betul punya Satu Malaysia MACOM Bhd ada subsidairi nya Macam-macam KELDAI dari Syarikat HUMNo Cybertrooper Bhd tak habis-habis menonjolkan KEBODOHAN mereka..Dari CEO AkuMelayu aka Don't Play Play, COO isa@1penyu aka isa@1LEMBU aka isa@1KENTUT, CFO (ini CFO muda, otak kurang sikit, tapi mungkin selalu hisap kuat, cepat nak pangkat) JEDI Fawkes aka Young CIKU, semua betul-betul TAK MALU...Sudah ambil Wang dari Jibby (aka 1SHITTY aka Pink Lips aka BigMama's Shitpot) tapi kualiti kerja mereka langsung tak boleh di harap...Macam mana ini.???
4/7/2012 2:25:29pm | Report
偉大的中國聖人 Just keep voting for these clowns and corrupters, you will get the same and maybe more... More daring after 54 years of continous regime voted by you dumb and stupid and greedy chinese and Indians business people including Mr Liar, Porn Star CSL,etc.
4/7/2012 10:41:09am | Report
Simon Lee1 Another great piece, Mariam! Yes, the current so-called "leaders" only comprise of: adulterers & Porno-king, C4 murderers, swindlers, child marriage minister, supremacist bigots & extremist minister, plunderers, womanizers, bochor-ministers, polygamist minister, "i help you, you help me" super corrupt ministers, "i am Malay first" racist minister, "soak the keris with Chinese blood" minister, Scorpene $500 million commission minister, $250million cowgate minister, $billions AP ministers, $billions Lynas ministers, $billionaire Thief ministers, $24 million mansion & Disneyland Toyo minister, $100 billion losses Prime minister, Sodomy ministers, $25 million diamond ring & $100K Berkin bags wife of minister & the endless list of racist & corrupt ministers & politicians where the destruction of the country & the untold suffering of the rakyat is imminent if this most corrupt regime is allowed to rule another 50 years to freely ruin our beloved nation!
3/7/2012 11:38:09pm | Report
Anonymous_3e21 MACOM is really the right word describing the way businesses are done in Malaysia. To add BHD is spot on Mariam as most our so called big PLC's are not ashamed to be known as MACOM BHD. A Samad Said once coined the word CARMA and I would like to combine it as CARMACOM BHD.
3/7/2012 10:59:09pm | Report
Anonymous_5fb Long story cut short. Let's take ownership from Umno and its BN goons this 13th GE and place Macom Bhd under receivership. We need to vote overwhelmingly in favour of Pakatan to nullify cheatings of electoral process.
3/7/2012 10:20:55pm | Report
ABU member Excellent piece of writing, madam! keep on doing the good deeds till the corrupt comes down.
3/7/2012 10:52:47am | Report
blind freddo Well spoken Mariam... One correction tho... I think you misspelled Macom... its really Malsi. And Dr Jag is right... but the tyrant will be the same, just that he'll have a different face
3/7/2012 10:40:55am | Report
DR.JAG#04496187 Ms.MM: Well documented, but, will we be replacing one tyrant with another when the regime change occurs? That is the burning question. Not being cynical or pessimistic, but nobody seems to have asked this question. Perhaps you could enlighten us with your take on this particular issue. I have been away too long having had enough of Dr.Mahathir once he took "office." Dr. Jag.
3/7/2012 8:02:08am | Report
Loyal Malaysian Yes, Mariam the rakyat do needs more to speak out of the excesses and corrupt deals of the UMNOputras. But more than that for change to happen, information of the misdeeds of the UMNOputras must be able to penetrate the rural hinterlands.
3/7/2012 4:06:19am | Report
Boom Boom Pow! My friend's thriving business with a government ministry headed by a MCA leader was hijacked corruptly by an UMNO goon linked to Najib's inner circle. Distraught and almost broke, he is leaving the country with his family to another country who would not treat him like a second class citizen. A country where all men are equal and corruption is minimal. I guess it was the last straw which broke his camel's back. When will the good people of Malaysia take the risk and stand up for a future which their children will inherit? I will wait for the next election to decide if this country is worth raising my children in. We have finally come to a crossroads in the history of our country. Its make or break time. The mantra for the next election should inevitably be: Bad officials are elected by good people who don't vote.
3/7/2012 3:36:27am | Report
YellowKing Mariam-well done ! You never cease to amaze me. I am so proud to be a Malaysian. Having lived in the IK and the USA-my eyes opnede to many things and the power of the pen is greater what BN can throw at you. I am in complete agreement with you regading the crimes/corruption abetted and supported by NON-Malays-Chinese and Indian inter alia. The real crooks are the BN-it is not a question of race or religion.Unfortunately a bunch of blood suckers have taken over malaysia and time we be rid of them to the rubbish bins of time.Thanks again-Salute goes to you-a Patriotic Malaysian
3/7/2012 3:13:25am | Report
Enuf Dear Mariam, Thank you for the beautiful read. God bless you.
3/7/2012 1:37:19am | Report
Dr Suresh Kumar Dear Mariam Mokhtar, I believe that you are a fair-minded person. However, I am perplexed. Why did you not mention Uthayakumar the man who is responsible for rocking UMNO's boat the hardest, knowing that he would be incarcerated under ISA by umno, incarcerated they did?
2/7/2012 8:27:21pm | Report
Anonymous #62163581 Who are your audience, Mariam? You're preaching to the converted. It's uplifting to some extent to hear a Malay journalist speak up and say what many non Malays know and never publicly talk about - that culture of fear is so deeply ingrained. But it's the now mainly Malay middle class and their leaders who have hounded you out of the country and they aren't thrilled by your exposés - or am I wrong?! Personally, I salute you for calling a spade a spade as you have done all along. Bless you.
2/7/2012 3:56:21pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 I agree with Angry Bird. Can we get Nanyang S Pau and Utusan Malaysia to translate this in all other languages please. This piece should be circulated at the next Bersih 4.0 gathering. A Malaysian Classic. Puan Mariam, you must compile all your articles and sell a book and suggested title is: Barisan Nasional's 55 year old Gift to Malaysia, ' and insert all these articles in them. Sure, they will win the GE13 for sure. Let's these articles be read by the Gen X and Y as the baby boomers know the history. The young Malaysians need to be educated and be exposed to the political terrain of our country.
2/7/2012 3:54:47pm | Report
Dumb&Deaf Mariam Mokhtar, you are worth a zillion times more than all the Umno warlords and their acquisitive, grasping spouses put together. Your gift of articulation alone can reduce the testosterone level of Umnoputras by 80%... but, alas, most of them can't read your essays. Tak usah cakap Bahasa Orang Putih lah.
2/7/2012 2:57:26pm | Report
AngryBird A very beautiful piece Mariam but the sad thing is that none of DUMNO can and will understand what you have written. As far as I know, this country has gone to the dogs with DUMNO. Only IDIOTS will support DUMNO.
2/7/2012 2:33:09pm | Report
Dont just talk Pn.Mariam,I have learnt a new word today which is Macom Bhd and we should thank the Tun Mamak for leaving behind such a wonderful legacy to malaysians.. When their proxies to thugs failed to work against the brave Wiras who championed for clean and fair election, then the corrupted,ruling Govt.will throw the books at them,using PDRM and the Judiciary as their leverage. Bless you Pn.Mariam for another frank and concise article which hopefully,will open up the Gen.Y minds and vote for the right party,come this 13th General Election.
2/7/2012 1:08:47pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 This 'dengki culture' is well embedded in the civil service, in Parliament, in the everyday life of Malaysians. They become envious of what others have (even through dubious means). And amongst the politicians, they are the ones who bring each other down. Example: when I gain access to RGT 250 million, I stop feeding the cows. I buy condo, cars, and pay my kids fat salaries. Then I exhibit my children in Malaysia's glamour magazines like Tatler and Prestige. And make sure they appear in all these F1 parties. Why wouldn't your political foes bury you so deep. So, our past leaders have 'makan a lot' sampai nak muntah. Do they actually think that the Rakyat is so stupid that people do not know? Well, Malaysians are no longer dengki!! Not the masses at least. We want this country purged of all these greedy politicans, and bad leaders. Get rid of bad leaders, and you will get rid of makan commission and get rid of dengki.
2/7/2012 0:52:07pm | Report
Anonymous #58437020 Dear Mariam, finally here is someone who has explained Makan Commission Berhad, the crony gang and the role the Malays and his Ali Baba friends play. The coffers of this country is running dry. It is time politicianswho enter politics to serve the country, and Malaysians get back to work. Stop thinking of free PTPTN loans, free Mara education, free scholarships, NEP discounts to buy houses for bumiputras etc. Our politicians have failed in their economics. Social protection policies need to be reviewed and re assessed. Even Germany, a coordinated market economy that has fantastic social protection policies today is reeling under the Eurodebt zone. And this is one country where politicians work alongside capitalists and trade unionists to make Germany successful. The NEP, and Ali Baba cronyism has created ' banyak dengki' amongst the rakyat. When they see their kawan get rich, they also want to get rich. So Malaysians must print your article and salute you Mariam. Well done.
2/7/2012 0:47:09pm | Report
偉大的中國聖人 Well, you voted for them and treated you with comtempt. Mamak have make Malaysia for himself and his cronies. Nobody wants to rock the boat except the unfortunate ones. You Indians, and Chinese poor buggers.
2/7/2012 0:07:57pm | Report
Centurion Mariam, you are spot on as always, but do you think UMNO and their cronies, henchmen and hangers-on, care one bit? I do not think so. Unless, the silent Malays change and speak up. Mahathir is evil incarnate and will rot in hell.

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