Thursday, July 26, 2012

'Petrochemical project may shorten lifespan of M'sians'

Citing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study, a group of Taiwanese environmental activists have urged Malaysia to be wary of the damage that may caused by the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) project in Pengerang, Johor.

Sayonara The monarchy should be neutral, and not involve in business and politics. They must always place rakyat first, then government next. Listen to the rakyat's voice, not those corrupted government.A proverb says this 'Rakyat can live without a K***, but a K*** cannot live without its rakyat!'
25 minutes ago | Report
Fair&Just Put the project on hold and after the GE when they win with a majority then they will implement it again and reap money money for the next five years. So please vote wisely.
27 minutes ago | Report
JomUbahUbah Look like Malaysia is a place for foreign investors to dump dangerous and health risk projects and the worst problem is that corrupt UMNO and BN are happily receiving them so that their pockets are full of corruption monies.
30 minutes ago | Report
Sayonara THOSE BASTARD! First LYNAS, Now THIS?! If this prove to shorten life span, then those who approve this project.. Please rot in hell. Those BN know that their day in the government are numbered, hence they will find every chance to sell the Malaysian soil for money and escape with it. THAT IS WHY, GE13 faster! CALL It this September, We want BN OUT!
32 minutes ago | Report
Sad Malaysian I remember the Johor sultan even supported and pushed that idea, he even go so far to campaign it. That's a poor choice. I hope he changes his mind any time soon.
49 minutes ago | Report
jbsuara Although we knew that d huge petrochemical plant in Pengerang would have a significant enviomental impact to d vicinity of d plant, we don't have statistics on it's severity!Now that d Taiwan EIA Report showed it's severity, d Government n Authority of d day should heed this study n seriously reconsider their intention on approving/implementing d project!! D people of Pengerang r still v. unhappy n angst by d Authority for their lackasidal attitude!!

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