Saturday, July 28, 2012

Umno/BN regime and 13th general election

It seems to me that the longer Umno/BN regime strings out the run-up to the 13th general election, and the more fearful its members, cronies and accomplices get that they’re finally running out of rope, the more reasons they’re giving voters to tell them to go hang- Dean Johns
See what people says about this:

Orang Putih PJ blind freddo: No, hes not a closet case. Thats the Keris boys forte I'm afraid. In Malaysia sex is an obsession. Elsewhere its a fact of life. The obsession seems to be: Missionary position only. Vaginal opening only. No enjoyment, for procreation only. This obsession with sex, with alcohol, actually leads to a perverse moral vacuum with mixed messages being sent. It creates employment of a whole army of Fatwa writers, snoop squads, and idiots who would never find employment in the private sector. In the civil service, they'd be shuffled around from pillar to post, and maybe placed in charge for the best advertisement for Proton cars known.....KTMB and RapidKL. Interview: What did you study, can you speak English? Candidate: Islamic Financing, and yes, I Interview: Good. 1 and 1 Candidate: 2 Interview: Wrong answer. Its whatever you want it to be lah. You take 1, sell it to 26 Million, lease it back, buy 2 condos in Bangsar, shares in a Corporation in N9, Lease it back to your..
8/7/2012 10:25:39am | Report
Odin The problem is that the BN doesn't give a pennyfart about the bad noose about itself, for it is confident of winning at the GE13, what with all sorts of tricks that the EC performs to ensure that. One can only hope that some kind of a miracle will happen at the GE13 to enable a noo government to sit in Putrajaya.
6/7/2012 0:53:43pm | Report
ghkok Dean Johns ... another masterpiece .. as always .. I wish I could write like you ..
5/7/2012 10:16:15pm | Report
Dumb&Deaf Henceforth, LGBT will refer to the Liars, Goondus, Bullies & Thieves in BN - just as MACC refers to the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, and PDRM stands for Protect Dr M.
4/7/2012 9:57:14pm | Report
Avathar Good article. LGBT....Lying, Gutless, Bullying, Thievery
4/7/2012 9:08:11pm | Report
blind freddo One has to wonder if a certain man wasnt a little bit gay himself... All the signs are there: internalised homophobia, mysogyny, none too successful relationships with women, sexism, an obsession with genital hygiene and and overwhelming interest in the genitals of pubescent males
4/7/2012 7:53:02pm | Report
Raikonen All the goingons by these DUMBNOs just reminds me of the Nazis and we all know what happened to them....
4/7/2012 3:14:44pm | Report

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