Sunday, April 21, 2013

General Election Malaysia results (GE13)

With regards to the current GE13 post-nomination revelations there were a lot of shocking scenarios happened both at Pakatan side and Barisan Nasional.On my previous post here we all going to vote on this coming 5.5.2013 which i believe it shall records a lot of new history ever happened in Malaysia political arena. No doubt a lot of new faces as well and new strategies used by the government and oppositions to wins this coming election. Celebrities and popular personnel were nominated, and there were more parti Bebas took part more than last general election.I have doubt that BN will wins this elections with majorities unless there were something else going on under the carpet. If everything goes smoothly, I bet there will be a lot of new faces in the Malaysia Parliament. Of course tremendously changes the faces of minister replacing what we had now. I'm interested on the comments that if Lim Kit Siang wins in Gelang Patah, Abdul Hadi of Pas shall have the premiership and might be the next Prime Minister. If that happen which is not possible, i bet Malaysia would change a lot in many terms of Malaysian life including laws, financial,economy ,social and of course the country directions into somethings worthy and meaningful to all rakyat.

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