Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Malaysia car price goes down?

Malaysia car price subject was so hot these few days and had triggers a lot of reactions and responses from people. Of course there is no reason for us as a customer or car user saddened by this issue since the more cheaper cars to get the better for us. A price down from 20% to 30% is a good sign for everybody except for some people who had made tonnes of money out of it. What do you think about below article from Mykmu which i translated from bahasa to English below. Do you agree?Or is it a totally BS?

Currently there is a commotion among the few leaders of PKR supporters of PR's talking up the claim that the BN manifesto themed " Menepati Janji Membawa Harapan " copied the idea from PR manifesto. One of the essence of the BN manifesto copied from the manifesto said that PR is about the promise of a 20% to 30% the price of the car in stages. To know the fact who copied from whom, we have to scan back to previous years because it the best way to find the truth. On March 22, 2006, the Barisan Nasional (BN) has introduced the Dasar Automatif Negara (DAN) after about roadmap announced as early as October 19, 2005. Among the main purpose of existence AND 2006 would reduce the tax on imported cars below 1,800 cc engine, further enhancing the competitiveness of the market for local and international companies.

The initial impact of the implementation of the policy according to analysis by OSK Research saw made car prices nationwide have experienced a decline between RM353 to RM385. While foreign brands imported cars are assembled in ASEAN countries such as the Honda City, Nissan Sentra and Toyota Altis also earned savings is around RM1, 900 to RM4, 000. (See here) To avoid the adverse effects of this policy on the company selling used cars (secondhand), then through AND 2009 announced on October 28, 2009 was introduced Gazette Price of Imported Used to address under-declaration. With the above improvements, the used car dealers can breathe a sigh of relief and damaged their business risks can be reduced or even bankruptcy.

Easy to find examples of the positive impact of AND 2006 AND 2009 was followed when we are now able to buy a new car (VIVA 660) at the price of RM24, 912.15 in 2009 whose price is RM28, 800.00. In 2004, we can only stylish with Kancil 660 where price is RM25, 846.00 but the price is almost the same in 2011 and now we can have a car model that little VIVA 660 large and comfortable. While PKR through its Strategic Director, Ramli Rafizis just started talking like car prices in mid-2012, late of 6 years from the AND 2006 introduced by the BN government.

Even PR through his manifesto promise to liberalize the price of the car so a car can be sold for as low as RM25, 000 has now reached another since 2004, but only now PR busy to talk. Based on a few summary facts, would we already know who is copying whom. No need anything strange with soft and moist attitude Rafizis Ramli and PKR, not long ago they were busy even claimed BN scoop their idea in the case of an individual permit for the taxi driver, seeing BN has begun to discuss the issue of taxi permit more individuals since 1999. (See here) Importantly, in the case of enjoying a lower price on any car model, it is not as simple as saying.

Many things need to be refined so that it does not have a negative impact on the economy. BN has been working since 2005 another direction. All these savings do not happen suddenly, it little by little the importance of each policy and improvements implemented by the BN government to take into account the interests of all. Source: Mykmu-translated by Google translate WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK ABOUT THIS ISSUE? COMMENTS ARE WELCOME.

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  1. Ramli Rafizis otak sempit.dia yg tiru BN!!



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