Monday, April 22, 2013

Malaysia General Election 2013 Advice

I saw a lot of people sharing this info in the Facebook over and over again. Perhaps this might be true and a loss even a single vote would be a waste.Read more below on Malaysia General Election 2013 Advice.
malaysia general election 2013 ink used
malaysia general election 2013 ink used

Please read the information below carefully so that you do not spoil your vote. This year the SPR is using the ink to mark your fingers - so make sure the ink is dry before you collect your ballot papers. This is to prevent the ink from staining the ballot paper and which will make your ballot invalid. In overseas countries, the practice is to ink the fingers after you have cast the ballot - this will prevent the ballot paper from being spoilt due to staining. Over here the SPR is doing the opposite. The intention is to let the voters spolit the ballot and to make the vote invalid. Please also inform your family members about this If BN wins 2/3 majority in this coming 13th general election, all will be gone as BN will make changes to ensure Pakatan will never have the opportunity to make a comeback in future elections. And the people will have to live with BN forever. Don't want this to happen, make sure you encourage all eligible voters to cast their votes. Every vote counts. It's crucial to ensure BN never achieve 2/3 majority ever again. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

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