Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rally Himpunan suara rakyat stadium kelana jaya by PKR

For Pakatan voters and who choose to trust Anwar Ibrahim fight against corruption,tonight shall be the right place to gather wearing black shirt.PKR party has complied with provisions of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 as it has informed the police about the rally to be held at the Kelana Jaya stadium at 8.30pm.So who's joining?


  1. Still need polis permits to do this or that. That FCUKING polis are given too much power by rascal UMNO.

  2. Hah! GE13 is history & time to move on. I daresay, 1st blood to the the Rakyat and more young bloods are joining the ranks. Imagine what GE14 going to be when old coots met their maker while the younger ones stepping forward. 60++% popular vote is not a fantasy and there is a formula to beat gerrymandering. By the way, another "UMNO Baru" born on 05/05/13 and it is called United MALAYSIAN National Organization..."lagi baru lagi Best". I've always wondered why need the word National. Anyway, the sooner all the parties in PR merge the thing for sure, no seats allocations to divide the common goal.

  3. I too am disappointed with the results of GE13 but but I will NOT come for this event as the elections are over and PR should move on. I feel they should spend their time and effort to start working and serving instead of yelling and shouting as nothing can be changed anymore.

  4. Won't go to this rally. Before, yes, because we want to get to the grounds and explain to the people so they can vote PR...but after GE...yes, we've been cheated of the election, everyone knows it. But there is nothing to achieve by going to the rally. Only more shouting and yelling and maybe opportunity for PERKASA and UMNO goons to cause troubles. My 2 cents.

  5. What'll happen after this rally? To all those who believe in Anwar, please attend. After all, you have all the time. To those who regard Anwar as pengkhianat negara, please enjoy the evening at home or elsewhere so that you are revitalised to face tomorrow's challenges in nation building.



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