Saturday, April 1, 2017

East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) project

The viability of any ambitious project is not the factor in deciding whether it should be started or not. It is simple arithmetic, not even mathematics. The larger the actual projected cost and how much further it can be blown up to is, my dear Watson, the only truth to be considered. Once the venture or misadventure takes off, the other inevitable ants will set in - huge contracts going to UMNO and its middlemen only to be sub-contracted out for equally huge "gains-without-effort". Next would be the conveniently-approved Costs Variations followed by "abandon ship" only for the enterprise to be given to another fortunate son. We all know how government projects are managed in our country, it occurs as certainly as the sun rises in Putra Jaya. Profitability? What is that? And a good time is had by all the white elephants in the room. By Vijay47

ECRL will be another burden the rakyats have bear for the next 20 to 30 years...The other burdens are the Mas and Proton which incur losses of billions every year..There are also many poorly managed GLCs which have government guarantees on their bank loans..Most of the GLCs are mainly managed by unqualified Umno cronies who think of how to become rich overnights.....All these parasites are sucking blood dried from the government cos it keeps pumping billions to keep them afloat..Something must very wrong why this 2 companies keeping losing billions every year..Isn't it time they need total overhaul from top ot bottom..???..By No Brainer

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