Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RM2.6b scandal- PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man

On topic RM2.6b scandal- PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man this is what people had to say to him. dingy While we welcome united opposition front, PAS shld not be included in a new govt shld BN falls in GE14. As long as PAS Hudud agenda is there, it's not safe for PAS to be in a new coalition govt. Never trust Hadi. He could sabotage, threatening to join forces with UMNO if the new govt refuses to implement Hudud at Federal level. 2 minutes ago jG Sorry lah PAS. You better run back to your UMNO and rot there. Don't talk crap. 3 minutes ago Ren Ai PAS is now pro-UMNO, archaic and detached from ordinary Malaysians. Yes, the opposition should get-together, but leave out PAS, they are not opposition. 5 minutes ago Anonymous_1419577444 Sorry, Tuan Ibrahim. We don't believe what you say because we don't trust PAS to stick to their words under Hadi and the current leadership. By the way, did you get approval from Hadi to make this suggestion? 6 minutes ago Ozzie Jo Confucius said: Never trust a-(u)lama-ks with forked tongues who talk out of both sides of their mouths. 7 minutes ago Bamboo Tuan Ibrahim, if you want to join the effort to save Malaysia, please join Gerakan Harapan Baru. Pas under Hadi is not bothered with issues concerning the welfare of the people or country but hudud. 7 minutes ago Anon1 Better to unite with the Devil, than with PAS. 7 minutes ago Caesar PAS should be thinking about forming opposition with UMMO...instead of going back to the past... 8 minutes ago Kawak Tuan Ibrahim, you may call for unity amongst opposition but it does not carry any weight at all. Your boss Hadi calls the shot in PAS. He is like the mullah of PAS. Moreover Hadi recently said PAS is not interested in taking over the present govt of the day. The PAS combo of Hadi & Harun supported UMNO and Najib. 9 minutes ago Lamps Tell that to Hadi. For most of Malaysians, PAS is gone to be with BN. Hadi and Haron clearly supports Najib. 9 minutes ago Quigonbond Tuan Ibrahim may have been saying the right things on 1MDB, but his boss still cannot be trusted. I'd rather if there is action in Parliament, the opposition and like minded MPs can come together to set out an agenda, but PAS is not to be involved in the agenda - their only choice is whether to vote with or against the opposition. Outside Parliament, the opposition and NGOs are going to continue to organise events. If PAS wants to participate, it's fine. Otherwise, they should not be part of any organising committee. All they do is to bring Islamic agenda to murky the waters when the central discussion should steadfastly remain issues of corruption and good governance regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. 10 minutes ago kader Throw Hadi out by his ears then talk. 10 minutes ago HOPE PAS got only one problem. Tuan Ibrahim is the only one in PAS still have some common sense. Hadi and the alamak gang, especially hadi and haron is a total gone case: cannot be trusted. Forget about PAS, let hadi and the alamak gang join Umnooo. 13 minutes ago Whiteman Once bitten twice shy. PAS is Gone Case. Right after the old and honourable Spritual leader went to be with God, the left over on earth talked about hudud and put fear among some muslims and most non muslims. PAS is no more for ALL. Gone case. Fully agree with 'Speechles'. First Hadi has to go, 2nd Drop hudud agenda. 14 minutes ago hello Now PAS realises that it is PAS(T) its use by date! 14 minutes ago James TCLow When UMNO goes, PAS is the next to be knocked-out cold. Those were made known to DAP, PKR and GHB, I was told. 15 minutes ago vent "The rakyat are tired and angry at quarreling politicians" Absolutely! This includes the infighting with your own members, DAP, and your leader Hadi's scandalous shenanigans with UMNO. If you want us to take you mullahs seriously first sort out your own house. Then perhaps, just perhaps we will consider what you say now. 16 minutes ago People of Selangor The stupid moron Pas leaders just woke up....dont fall into their trap. They are controlled by Najib to do something funny again 17 minutes ago RCZ Tuan Ibrahim going to be bullied and sacked soon by Hadi. That is the way today in Malaysia. Sack the good guys and stifle and intimidate right thinking Malaysians. The crooked ways and threats keep the crooks in power or so Hadi thinks. Ibrahim better watch his back or join GHB if they will have him. 21 minutes ago hplooi Tuan Ibrahim, you sure or not. Your chief and also your spiritual leader said 'bagi canse ke PM'. So macam mana? Tangan kiri, dan tangan kanan tidak selaras kah? 22 minutes ag

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hugging B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist by Muslims

K-POP artist nowadays is really crazy about this B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist. It is not the only group coming out as an idol.I would say nowadays all the girls especially teenagers is hypnotized by these K-POP phenomena. The latest hot and i think one of the Malaysia youtube trending is the Hugging B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist by Muslims women. Yes, and those women were wearing hijab.

The question is what are they thinking?Some says they tarnish the image of hijab girls, some says tarnish the image of islam and some other opinions. Like Mahfuz says, it is much more than that. He even dragged Mossad-Israeli into this matter which he said these womans might be paid to do the act. I know everybody had their own perspective of providing opinions. But i just have on concerns. I need to ask the person being hugged. Girls, what is really inside your head? Lol..

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pray for flood victims in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak

I'm thinking...during the two incident of MH 370 and MH17 Malaysia's media keep reminding each each of us to recite doa' and prayers, Alfatihah and other recitation. As of now, the number of flood victims in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak has now risen to 103,413, an increase of 9,395 victims from last night, according to a Bernama tweet. Unluckily this become worsen day by day.

Why there was no "pray for flood" victims campaign similar to those MH tragedy? After all, these floods coming from Allah. Why not repent and begged Allah to help us? Some people understand this and look out for Allah's help through Solat Hajat. So why not all Muslims gathered and pray?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mh370 Australia?

Austalia team inspecting the operations in the southern Indian Ocean after her satellites detected two suspicious objects in the plane at that location. Austalia maritime authorities say , noting some of the objects detected over 24 meters . It was detected at position 2,500 miles southwest of Perth on the west coast of the country, the agency said general manager John Young in a press conference that followed through the Internet . Asked if the object looks like airplane parts , Young berkaata : " What we are looking for confirmation that it owned the plane or not ." Asked if the plane looks like a window , Young said: " Imaging is not accurate to that level. " Objects are filled with water and look recede , he said. He added that weather conditions are moderate but visibility is low may affect the search of aerial and satellite . Earlier, the prime minister, Tony Abbott , who was speaking at the national parliaments of Australia 's Orion aircraft was deployed to the area to locate the object , according to the BBC website . "The Australian Maritime Safety Authority received information based on satellite information about objects that may have something to do with the search. "Following analysis by experts on this satellite image , two objects related to the search dikenalpasi , " he analyzed as quoted in the report . Areas in the southern Indian Ocean is one of the two zones, the focus of search and rescue operations after investigators found MH370 aircraft accidentally diverted from the original route . He said he was announcing in parliament today despite the findings may not apply to a search MH370 . "I want to inform the council - and we should always remember - the effort is very difficult to detect this object and may eventually it has nothing to do with flight MH370 . "However , I wish to inform the council on the progress that might be important ," he said as quoted by The Guardian reports . Meanwhile, the acting transport minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the discovery is considered as a new indication for search and rescue operations on the aircraft carrying 239 people . "I can confirm we have fresh leads ... and I will meet representatives of Australia now , " he said as quoted by Reuters news agency. Meanwhile, the BBC reports mention the atmosphere at an air base in Perth busy with the release of the search and rescue aircraft to the area of ​​operations . Meanwhile, a Sydney Morning Herald report directly mentioning the search operation in the area of ​​operations today do not come to fruition . However , it will continue until midnight Australian time ( 9 pm Malaysian time ) , the report quoted. Searching activities for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is now become 13th day today.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Diesel and RON95 to go up by 20 sen-OMG as expected!

I bet a lot of people rushing to the nearest petrol station to fill up their tanks now! The sneaky BN (Barang Naik) struck, just a few months after winning the general election, by increasing the petrol and diesel prices. Pakatan Rakyat had promised to reduce the prices in their manifestos and BN, instead of maintaining the prices, they increase them. Pakatan planned to renegotiate with the owners of the one-sided ridiculous profitable IPP contracts to defray the high cost of subsidies to the public with regard to the petrol prices. Why didn’t BN government just do that first? It would only affect a few ‘privileged’ crony billionaires, having lesser profit, as compared to the millions of Malaysians who would suffer the increased cost. The 47% of the voters who voted for BN in the last election must be happy? Take RM500 for BRIM in one pocket once in over fifty years, and pay for the life time out of the other pocket the increased cost of petroleum. To these fools who voted for this government,” We told you so.” There is no comparison for utter stupidity- Ferdtan


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