Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor talks

Prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor talks that society's perceptions on gender roles may be among the reasons why there are few women 'game changers' in business.

Response on Prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor talks:

trublumalaysian-""She cited this as an example of cultural reasons why there weren't many ‘game changers' in business, such as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who were women, despite women making up half the world population.""" Whoaaa.. seriously hope the above is a typo-error. Steve, Gates, Mark, who were women?

HYL Nothing-annoys me more is you! There is a difference between assertive and aggresive. You are more on the aggresive side. So don't blame people for accusing you of being aggresive. The chinese has a science called Face Fortune - a person's nature and temper is reflected on her face. And from your face, it's really annoying and it's also an aggresive and fierce face!

Onyourtoes-Owah trying to impress or what? I am no expert in man-woman dichotomy. It could be physical, mental, cultural, societal or just the way God created men and women. But one thing is sure, I think most men welcome women who are confident, assertive, and know their role and contribution in a society. We certainly cannot stand women who just know how to leverage on their beauty, position and connection and their pre-occupation was to be an ornament, or their favourite pass time was to go shopping, comparing and contrasting who have the biggest diamond rings or whether or not the bag that they were carrying are LV or Birkin.

yum-No, no, don't tell me. You also want to be listed in the Time magazine and the Huffington post? I think this FLoM-wannabe, if she does in the US what she did here by sitting in pre-budget meetings, the president would have been impeached.

Guan Eng on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation programme

DAP today labelled Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s transformation programme to reverse Malaysia’s brain drain a failure, pointing at the departure of another high-powered corporate figure to neighbouring Singapore.


IamMsian-YB LGE, this is a known fact which does not need further elaboration. Why not Penang do something about this, appoiint Tan Sri to head Penang's SEDC or as an Advisor? ALL the PR state govt must Do away with political appointments will set a good example for the rest of the BN states.
11 minutes ago

blind freddo-I heard an interview on BFM this morning with the guy who heads up the program aimed at inducing ex pat Malaysians to return to work here. He was waffling on about tax incentives and the low cost of living and the excellent schooling and even the new MRT. What he failed to mention is the intangibles such as the level of racism and discrimination that exists, but more significantly I think it the atmosphere of fear and hatred that permeates every corner of life in Malaysia. Only a mad man would willingly subject his children to that . In comparison the low salaries and lack of opportunities for young people pale into insignificance
29 minutes ago

Onyourtoes-What talents are we talking about? It is so common to see bright and principled officers in the civil service who were side-lined in favour of nincompoops so that politicians can have a field day to do what they want to do. To rise up in the rank of GLCs and the civil service, you have to be stupid and a licker. If not, don't dream. Now we are talking; if they can’t even tolerate a bright Malay who has international reputation, you think they will care two hoots of non-Malay talents.
an hour ago

M'sia4All-Go to every city, town and even villages to ask whether the parents have sons or daughters working in Singapore. The answer is a big YES. Do you know why? The answer lies with the policy and means implemented by UMNO, big brother of BN but the others like MCA, MIC, and Gerakan did nothing, not a word of objection when favours upon favours are still bestowed upon the favoured race by the government. The better brains are not given opportunities and even by-pass continuosly which explains that more brainies will continue to leave for other countries.
an hour ago

Kgen-Malaysia drives away smart citizens and replace them with uneducated Indonesians, Banglas and Myanmars. What a topsy-turvy country.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Suhakam said Malaysia violates international rights law ?

Based on recent news, Malaysia deporting Hamza Kashgari back to his country, where he will almost certainly be persecuted.

Sadirah Suhakam like all other Commissions are just to placate the people. There is no serious intent on the part of this BN Government to respect Human Rights. After over 50 years in power we can see and feel their sense of arrogance. They have not taken Suhakam seriously and while the statement is to be lauded it again an insult to the Commission. See what they did to the Police Commission and the Lingam Commission not to mention the young man who died at the hands of MACC. Till today those 3 culprits who interogated him have not been brought before the law and punnished. This is the arrogance that we have to deal with and the only option is to throw these people out for they have just played with our trust and faith and failed us so miserable. Sadirah K
2 minutes ago
HangTuah Talking law after the poor chap has been deported to a barbaric country where a rape victim can be sentenced to death for defending her honour. I pray this lad comes to no harm.
21 minutes ago
Jedi_Who Reports say Kasgari was a voice of a ' Saudi Spring' and that scared the Saudi's and the Malaysian regime. So, Malaysia was very cooperative in sending him back to his death. After all both Saudi and Malaysia are in the top 10 countries in the illicit flow of funds and still wanting to practice feudal politics mixed with religion to stay relevant. Human rights! Malaysia does not practice it so why pretend.
21 minutes ago
KFC_sucks suhakam, stop acting that you really care and are concerned. you and i know you have no power whatsoever. your condemnation and mine are the same. they just fell on deaf ears and no action taken. whats the difference betwen you and just another citizen? any tom dick and harry in puduraya bus stand can say the same thing as SUHAKAM.
6 hours ago
Freedom7 The guy was on the way to Australia...why send him back to his death...that is KerisHisham for you....the two cousins Najib & Hisham are 2X5......
8 hours ago
Anonymous_3f7d So you see, who's giving Malaysia a bad name?
10 hours ago
Makcik Har part II. I agree with Senior Citizen. Suhakam, get real ! I am tired of reading your statements because nothing comes out of it. Stop makan gaji buta ! Disband !
10 hours ago
Hibiscus Suhakam only has observer status. Its pronouncement that Malaysia has violated human rights is merely academic. It has no judicial powers or policing powers. Thus its observations and recommendations are but exercises in futility. Thus calling Suhakam a commission is highly misleading and a gross misrepresentation, amounting to deceit. As to the Home Minister, it is cruel and heartless of him to deliberately put the lad in harm’s way.
10 hours ago
Makcik Har Have you all forgotten ? Jibby and Ros were given first class treatment by the Saudi Royals when they went to do their Haj ? And the Arabs were all lapping Ros's fingers ? Now Jibby is just returning a favour ! One phone call to Ros will do the job. Then Ros would issue a command to Jibby. It is as simple as that. How the Devils and it's associates got entrusted to look after God's prime real estate is beyond me. I really hope they really ROT in HELL !
10 hours ago
Dark Knight Why the unholy haste in bundling Kashgari onto a private Saudi jet instead of waiting for a commercial airline? Was the Malaysian Home Minister tipped off of legal proceedings to stop the deportation of Kashgari and had to act before the court order was given? Consequently, if the deportee is tortured, and then sentenced to death and executed in Saudi Arabia, his blood shall be on the Home Minister's hands.
11 hours ago
senior citizen Why are they fooling themselves when we all know suhakam is fooling everybody in Malaysia. Get real and pack up immediately. You know it as well as I do that you are not fit for anything pertaining to human rights. Is it simply to come up once in a way and make some press statements just to get yourself heard. If you have an ounce of self respect then get real. Get yourself some powers to strictly observe and implement human rights violations. We don’t want some characters who function like class monitors or some school prefects. Otherwise if you have some self respect just quit and save the tax payers funds. Remember you are not doing charity for anyone.
11 hours ago
Mano Najib's calls for Moderation and Trust(Nambikei) flies in the face of sending the young man to persecution by the Saudi government
11 hours ago
senior citizen Firstly here is my message to Suhakam. Why are you there in the first place. You have an office with some high sounding names. What then do you do when it comes to human rights. Nothing. Nothing what so ever. Does anyone care for you. Nobody. Not the government, the police, the macc or even the public. You are living in a cave of your own. I suggest you please wind up, resign enblock and throw your files to the PM and get away. Let the PM take up the human rights portfolio or give it away to The DAP. They can do a much better job Even then the Human rights commission should have judicial powers to carry out their findings and not act like some high school prefects. You are a waste of public funds and a shame to the world and to yourself. Please pack and save the rentals in that office of yours. It is an absolute waste of time bringing anything to your attention. I feel sorry for those who keep saying they are going up to suhakam. For what? It is a waste of time. Why are they fooling t
11 hours ago
12 hours ago
KFC_sucks SUHAKAM?? whats that? are you an umno crony? no, right? so your voice wont be heard. sorry, thats how it is in malaysia. learn to accept it.
12 hours ago
Zz2XX Since when does the umNO racist govt believe in "human rights law"? Bolehland's membership in "the UN Human Rights Council" is a real joke.
14 hours ago
Nomore_1 UMNO Govt do not only double talk but they have fork tongue (like snakes) too. Look at what Najib talks but does another things.
15 hours ago
Anonymous_3fc4 Najib and Hishamuddin is seen apple polishing the Saudis for one good reason, thats their Insurance, in case BN Govt get booted out in the GE13 and they have to flee the country Saudi Arabia is where they will head for to seek assylum and stay in exile.
15 hours ago
Jimmy Ng Unfortunately for many of us who are loyal malaysian citizens, the whole world has learnt a valuable lesson from this ugly incident !..That is, the current Malaysian (BN)government , will selectively observe and comply with human rights laws, only if and when it suits their convenience and fancy ! This is what we get when we have a "budak" ( Kerismuddin) who is the Home Minstrel !!
15 hours ago
kangaroo Not 1Malaysia but Double Talk Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh
15 hours ago
Don't play play Why aim your bullets at the Malaysian govt? Suhakam and Washington Post should shout at the Saudi Arabian government. They are the ones who will try this young man. Why no balls huh???
15 hours ago
AkuMelayuIslam Malaysia a "champion of double talk" Najib a "champion of double talk" BN a "champion of double talk" Umno a "champion of double talk" .... so what's new?
16 hours ago
anak,bangsa,malaysia Since Suhakam is saying that M'sia violated Kashgari's human rights, then Suhakam must write to UN security council and to all its members that M'sia can longer be a rightful member of the UN Security Council. Secondly, the govt of M'sia must be held responsible and, thirdly, the HM , Hishamuddin must be tried in the open court for directly violating M'sia membership to the UN. It does not matter if the court has granted leave not to deport Kashgari or even Suhakam has written a letter to HM, Hishamuddin has knowingly denied the freedom of Kashgari and deported him instead. There is no one in this who has the right to take the life of another. Saudi Arabia authorities has no right to kill Kashgari. I call upon the US to collectively bring this issue up to the UN Security Council to punish this evil act of HM and PM for violating this order.
16 hours ago

Monday, February 13, 2012

MP Nurul Izzah Anwar proposal

'If NFC can get soft loan, why not house buyers?'Rather than utilise RM1.5 billion from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for low-cost housing loans, the federal government should explore such options as the soft loan enjoyed by National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), said Lembah MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

1M for All He ....nurul proposal is brilliant with the rayaat welfare in mind . The government should give soft loan @ 2 % interest per annum for all low cost housing purchase to the lower income rayaat. Using EPF funding at 6.5% interest for low cost housing is not much different than using commercial bank fund. Does the federal treasury has the money to provide the proposed financing?

L Joy Let us get this very clear. The reason EPF name is dragged in was because it was Nong Chik and Najib's wish to have EPF provide lOans but when the loud public opinion was raised against it , they changed their story to that Govt will guarantee the loan 2.67 times. Now , why would the govt do that , if they can n the first place take the loan from EPF and then issue loans to house applicants in KL, or for that matter anywhere else. Why not? So much simpler isn't it? The reason is that najib doesn't want the loan reflected under govt because the govt loans have hit ceiling levels, and with the new Govt salary scale impact, more loans are envisaged , which will bring Malaysia to Greece status , meaning Rating Agencies can easily downgrade Malaysia Sovereign ratings two notch as they did for Greece, and that will bring rM value down as much as 50% against most trading currencies. That effect will have Petronas earnings, drive up debt ratios , in USD notes, force widespread poverty Greece

Swkdayaks With currently RM440 billion debt, where else can Najib and the BN looks for money? Najib has been throwing money everywhere to buy votes so how is he going to recover these money from? Najib just spent and spent without thinking that we have to recover all these money from somewhere! In the end, EPF money is now targetted. uuh what a shame!

Deputy minister 'trashes' Buku Jingga over Felda

A deputy minister today threw a copy of Pakatan Rakyat's policy document, the Buku Jingga, into a rubbish bin to vent his frustrations over the latter's criticism of the handling of the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda).

lim chong leong When they cannot rebut point by point the Buku Jingga, the obvious thing to do would the the most cowardly act of dumping it into the rubbish bin and making a big show of it without the need to rebut. The whole act just stinks of Umno arrogance. If Ahmad Mazlan and the Felda scam is so great, then offer to debate and not put up a show of dumping the buku into the bin which is kurang ajar and bongkak.

socialist007 Once FELDA public listed anyone can buy the shares and control company. Even foreign giants can take over and kick the settlers out of their land. By the time UMNO would have made their money and escape from Malaysia. Felda is one of the last gold mines to be exploited by UMNO.

Sorry bad written comment points is Why throw or Trashes Buku Jingga into a BIN. Whose that act warrant for. If the Deputy Minister want to proof a point rather go into details on Buku Jingga which part of that PR common Frame work policies not befiting for the common good of the malaysia.Look at it this way Is our Felda shettlers really understand listing.How educated are this people who are veteran then only able to play the land with not asking any question.Now maybe their children are educated want to really know If with listing How will it benefit the shettlers.With ANAK and educated opportution question are posted but Can the BN/UMNO got any answer.If answer satisfied then I Think the shettlers will take its up on good fate. As much they want to too many issue by BN/UMNO like the NFC,PKFZ,BBC nobody do really trusted anyone anymore that included PM/DPM Taib.If our Macc is good as Hong kong anti corruption report to parliament Macc will come out with flying colour.

AkuMelayu Even the Pakatan Kedah MB does not respect the Buku Jingga. This is what he said "Kedah will not follow Pakatan Rakyat's Buku Jingga or the Common Policy Framework as it is not the Quran. I will certainly hit back at critics who use flimsy excuses like the Buku Jingga to undermine my administration." A worthless junk appropriately dump by the deputy minister into the rubbish bin.Some people here can be so stupid. They cannot even differentiate between a book and an election manifesto. Even Kedah MB says "Kedah will not follow Pakatan Rakyat's Buku Jingga or the Common Policy Framework as it is not the Quran. I will certainly hit back at critics who use flimsy excuses like the Buku Jingga to undermine my administration." This shows that Buku Jingga is nothing more than a political promise on paper.

Mat Malaysia This is the book 50% or more of the population support and this cretin has just thrown it into a dustbin. This is the respect this moron shows for members of the public. Does he really think he is scoring brownie points? Keep it up Mr. Idiot bin bankrupt of ideas. Your days are numbered. Such kampung mentality. No statesmanship. No class. No sophistication, just raw untreated sewage.

DAP slams unprecedented 6% fee for MRT partner

Recent project for MRT costs of at least RM1.08 billion, together with a 6 percent project delivery fee promised to Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRTC).

The PDP's duty encompasses that of a management consultant's role and in its armpit, it romps in other technical consultants such as civil and structural engineers, architects, traffic consultants, etc. As PDP, its main role is to ensure that funds allocated by the government is utilized in a transparent, open, fair and unbiased way in procurement and construction packages. As such, as the PDP, the setup should not be allowed in participating of construction works at all. Surely any inkling of professionalism or following codes of ethics will be flushed down the drain should the PDP be allowed to bid for the tunneling construction works - FellowMalaysian

Up2U - One scandal after another. It would seem that the current Government is preparing a very rich retirement plan or an insurance scheme just in case they lose in the next General Election. They seem to be plundering hundreds of millions and the next big step is to privatise 10 GLCs to Malay entrepreneurs which will be their cronies or nominees. So what if it is so obvious?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malaysiangate blog is back!

Previously Malaysiangate blog is one of the best providing info on Malaysian political issues.Then suddenly it disappear from blogsphere world.Now its back and will provide more fresh stories.


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