Thursday, March 28, 2013

General Election 2013

Malaysia voters is now in the midst of preparing themselves for this coming 2013 General Election.Of course there were more youngsters who turns 21 which qualified them to vote this year election.Youngsters meant internet, and they are way too exposed to whatever pop out from the internet the good things and bad one. They read and understand truth revealed and saw a lot of dramas here and there.It's going to be an interesting election since rumors that we heard it is not on current government favors. Let us see whether this 2013 general election shall change the Malaysian political history. Will there be a new government? Is it for a greater good or opposites? Let's find just around the corner, we shall see.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Just Saying...

It was tremendously havoc recently on the Sultanate Sulu issues. A few man died in the incident, and a lot of man talk about it almost everywhere. You name it, coffee shop, canteen, office,Media..twitter..facebook, blog..etc..too many for me to list it out. However it is all similar to what describes as below. Bila tiba bab Agama, semua sibuk jadi MUFTI, Bila tiba bab Negara, semua sibuk jadi MENTERI, Bila tiba bab Bangsa, semua sibuk jadi SEJARAHWAN, bila tiba bab Perang, semua sibuk jadi JENERAL, realitinya kita hanya KEYBOARD WARRIOR, HEBAT HANYA DALAM FB, BLOG & TWITTER, MENYALAK BAGAI MASTER, padahal yang kuat menyalak semuanya NATO.. NO ACTION TALK ONLY


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