Monday, September 2, 2013

Diesel and RON95 to go up by 20 sen-OMG as expected!

I bet a lot of people rushing to the nearest petrol station to fill up their tanks now! The sneaky BN (Barang Naik) struck, just a few months after winning the general election, by increasing the petrol and diesel prices. Pakatan Rakyat had promised to reduce the prices in their manifestos and BN, instead of maintaining the prices, they increase them. Pakatan planned to renegotiate with the owners of the one-sided ridiculous profitable IPP contracts to defray the high cost of subsidies to the public with regard to the petrol prices. Why didn’t BN government just do that first? It would only affect a few ‘privileged’ crony billionaires, having lesser profit, as compared to the millions of Malaysians who would suffer the increased cost. The 47% of the voters who voted for BN in the last election must be happy? Take RM500 for BRIM in one pocket once in over fifty years, and pay for the life time out of the other pocket the increased cost of petroleum. To these fools who voted for this government,” We told you so.” There is no comparison for utter stupidity- Ferdtan


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