Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hugging B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist by Muslims

K-POP artist nowadays is really crazy about this B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist. It is not the only group coming out as an idol.I would say nowadays all the girls especially teenagers is hypnotized by these K-POP phenomena. The latest hot and i think one of the Malaysia youtube trending is the Hugging B1A4 K-Pop Korean Artist by Muslims women. Yes, and those women were wearing hijab.

The question is what are they thinking?Some says they tarnish the image of hijab girls, some says tarnish the image of islam and some other opinions. Like Mahfuz says, it is much more than that. He even dragged Mossad-Israeli into this matter which he said these womans might be paid to do the act. I know everybody had their own perspective of providing opinions. But i just have on concerns. I need to ask the person being hugged. Girls, what is really inside your head? Lol..


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